Foreign Policy Initiative’s (FPI) Jamie Fly and Daniel Halper wrote in Politico:

“Since President Barack Obama entered office, North Korea has tested a nuclear device, fired a long-range missile theoretically capable of hitting the United States, unnerved U.S. allies in the region by launching multiple short-range missiles, sentenced two American journalists to 12 years of hard labor in a prison camp and seized a South Korean fishing vessel. These actions, as well as North Korea’s continued proliferation of selling missile and other sensitive technology to state sponsors of terrorism, such as Iran and Syria, have exposed U.S. policy as ineffective at best and, at worst, as strengthening Kim Jong Il’s regime. The approach must be changed in order to rectify this dangerous predicament. U.S. efforts should focus on preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and related technologies, enhancing U.S. alliances in the region and preparing for the only long-term solution: regime change in Pyongyang.”

In Wall Street Journal of August 4, 2009, author Gordon Chang warned that North Korea’s dictator might have secured promises from the Obama administration which would give the regime more time to prepare its nuclear arsenal and to develop ballistic missiles. Mr. Chang also reminded the readers that there are more hostages of Pyongyang. In fact Kim is holding all his 23 million people as hostages.

The acceptance of one of the few remaining hardline Communist dictatorships of the world started already under President Carter, continued under President Clinton and is now completed by President Obama. How long will the North Korean regime be allowed to continue to build up a threat to Japan, South Korea and Taiwan?

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