Weekly Standard on June 19, 2013, published a comment by William Kristol. Excerpts below:

It was on Obama’s speaking at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. He paid appropriate tribute to the brave East Germans who rebelled 60 years ago against Communist dictatorship:
“Today, 60 years after they rose up against oppression, we remember the East German heroes of June 17th. When the wall finally came down, it was their dreams that were fulfilled.”
But he drew a strange lesson from their uprising:

“Their strength and their passion, their enduring example remind us that for all the power of militaries, for all the authority of governments, it is citizens who choose whether to be defined by a wall, or whether to tear it down.”

If only.

In 1953, the citizens of East Germany chose freedom. But their uprising failed. It failed because it was repressed by superior power—by armed force, by military might. If you were a 30-year old who sought freedom in 1953, your dream of living in freedom wasn’t fulfilled until you were 66. And it was fulfilled in large part because of Western military strength, and in particular Ronald Reagan’s military build-up.

So it’s not enough for citizens to “choose” freedom or justice. Freedom needs to be backed by strength. Otherwise it loses. Otherwise we see what Leo Strauss called “the sorry spectacle of justice without a sword or of justice unable to use the sword.” Contra Obama, the lesson of 1953—and of the Weimar Republic, to which Strauss was referring—is that merely wishing for justice, and seeking freedom, is not enough.

It would pay greater honor to the brave men and women of 1953 to acknowledge this fact.

Comment by Världsinbördeskriget: It should be noted, though, that President Obama honoured the Berliners by also commenting on their plight during the Cold War: “It was here that Berliners carved out an island of democracy against the greatest of odds.” Throughout the Cold War “the fate of this city came down to a simple question: Will we live free or in chains?”…And they will recall how people trapped behind a wall braved bullets, and jumped barbed wire, and dashed across minefields, and dug through tunnels, and leapt from buildings, and swam across the Spree to claim there most basic right of freedom.” Obama also promised that “America will stand with Europe as you strengthen your union.”


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