The Kyiv Post on March 27, 2014, reported that the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly came to the support of Ukraine, with 100 votes in favor and only 11 against, a resolution that labels Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula as illegal. Excerpts below:

The United Nations General Assembly, consisting of 193 member states, met on March 27 to discuss the crisis between Ukraine and Russia. Another 58 nations abstained.

The vote is hailed as overwhelming international support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and security.

European Union representatives stressed that the 28-nation bloc remains committed to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and doesn’t recognize the Kremlin-orchestrated referendum on March 16, in which Russia and its leader in Crimea, Prime Minister Serhiy Aksyonov, claimed that 96 percent voted in favor of seceding from Ukraine and entering Russia.

The resolution also strongly condemns the use of violence towards Ukraine and “firmly believes there is no place for the use of force.”

The Canadian representative claimed that Russian intervention poses a great threat to international security and peace. Japan agreed with the draft resolution and pledged to support Ukraine.

Turkey, Georgia and Iceland condemned the violation of Ukraine’s territory and supported Russia’s isolation on the issue.

General Assembly resolutions have no legally binding force for governments, but represent world public opinion on the issue.


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