Free Republic on April 16, 2014, reported that Russia is going to kill 100-200 people and invade Ukraine. This according to a briefing by a leading Ukrainian Counterintelligence chief, Vitaly Naida, in Kyiv. Excerpts below:

“The main purpose of the action of special forces on the territory of Ukraine is the maximum the destabilization of the situation,” he said.

“Moreover, the intercepted conversations suggest-and I was sad to hear about it-that a country that declared themselves to be brotherly, is planning to shed blood on the streets of our cities,” he said.

“It’s those Russian Spetznaz forces who had seized the building of the Supreme Council and Council of Ministers of Crimea,” he said.

Ukrainian intelligence also said that the Russian special forces in Ukraine are commanded by Igor Strêlkova (callsign Strêlok), who “led the attempts to capture buildings in Kharkiv, Mykolayiv, Kherson, and Odessa.”

The Russian troops now operating on Ukrainian territory also participated in the occupation of territory in Georgia.

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