Since November 2013 Russia has shown its true face. In Russia despotism is a permanent revolution. For many years after the Cold War much of the mainstream media seemed not to understand that.

There is a Byzantine spirit that does not seem to go away even if Russia today cannot be compared with the Russia of the despotic path. Even if politics in general is uncertain the world will, even in the twentyfirst century, see some strange things played by this enigmatic nation.

For the Russians the Byzantine policy means working in the shadow, carefully concealing from the West most of what is thought, done, and feared.

Once Russia wanted to rule the world by conquest, that is seizing by armed force the countries accessible to them. The Russian leaders lean towards uniformity and order is only a matter of the surface.

For a long time until 1991 Russia saw Europe only as a prey. Riven by political dissent it would sooner or later deliver up to her. After 1991 Russia has with envy seen the potential of the formerly colonies in East Europe show their potential. They have to a great extent become the economic powerhouse of the old continent, which so desperately needs economic growth. Europe should look more to the nations once occupied by Russia.


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