NewsMax on June 30, 2014, reported Harvard Law Professor A. Dershowitz saying that “The heinous murders of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers are without a doubt the dirty work of the Islamist militant group Hamas”, on its TV station.

“We don’t know whether they did it under instructions from Hamas leadership, but Hamas is responsible. They cheered it — imagine cheering the murder of 16-year-old children? But that’s what Hamas does.”

The bodies of Naftali Fraenkel and Gilad Shaar, both 16, and Eyal Yifrach, 19, were discovered under a pile of rocks in the West Bank, near where they vanished. Fraenkel was a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen.

Dershowitz, a renowned civil rights lawyer, said he had recently taken a chilling tour of the underground network of tunnels that are used in the transportation of kidnapped children by terrorists.

“Hamas digs [the tunnels] under the Gaza and the tunnel the Israelis recently found exited at a point just yards away from a kindergarten with 57 Jewish kids in it. Their goal was to kill or kidnap these 57 toddlers and kids,” he said.

“They have multiple tunnels that they use only for terrorism — for transporting goods or anything. They’re just terrorist tunnels designed to allow them to come in behind Israeli lines . . . and to capture and kill as many babies and children as they can.”

Dershowitz said that goal makes it impossible for Israel to engage in any real dialogue for peace.

“How do you make peace with an organization that’s committed to the destruction of Israel and how do you make peace with the Palestinian authority that is now joined together with Hamas in a unitary government?” he said.

“It would be as if the United States joined in with al-Qaida and that would never happen, but the Palestinian Authority is joining with Hamas.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised swift action in avenging the murders of the three teens…

Dershowitz agreed that Israel must be “very tough” in seeking justice.

He said the tunnels must be destroyed…

“These tunnels will one day produce a terrible, a terrible catastrophe with dozens and dozens of Israeli children kidnapped or captured and since this was a kidnapping, this provides the justification,” he said.

“Now it’s very hard [because] Hamas places the entrance to the tunnels in mosques, in kindergartens, underneath hospitals. So Israel can’t bomb them.


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