• He said Russia’s nuclear programme means ‘nobody would think of conflict’
• He also tells rebels to release trapped enemy to ‘avoid senseless deaths’
• He compares Ukraine’s sieges of two cities to Nazis’ siege of Leningrad
• He referred to ‘Novorossiya’ – or ‘New Russia’ – as he praised rebel ‘success’
• Kiev said the edict proved that separatists were under Kremlin control
• Ukrainian PM announced that country will seek to become member of Nato
• Putin spoke as Obama said it is ‘plain to see’ Russian forces are in Ukraine

Daily Mail, United Kingdom, on August 30, 2014, reported that Vladimir Putin last night pointed to Russia’s nuclear arsenal and warned the West: ‘It’s best not to mess with us’ on Ukraine.

In a menacing intervention, the Russian president denied Nato, British and American reports that Russian forces are operating in eastern Ukraine.

And he warned the West against any attempt to support Ukraine in its efforts to defeat Russian separatists. Speaking at a pro-Kremlin youth camp near Moscow, he said: ‘Russia’s partners… should understand it’s best not to mess with us.

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