BBC News on September 5, 2014, reported that Estonia’s foreign ministry has summoned the Russian ambassador over what it calls the abduction of an Estonian security official by “unidentified individuals from Russia” on the border. Excerpts below:

A ministry statement said the incident had taken place inside Estonia on September 5, near Luhamaa border checkpoint.

The missing Estonian official works for the Estonian Internal Security Service.

Russia says it detained an Estonian security official on a “spying operation” on Russian territory.

The head of Estonia’s security police said it was ruling out any “political motive” for now.

However, the foreign ministry in Tallinn called it “a very disturbing incident”. It comes amid heightened tension with Russia.

According to Estonian security police (Kapo) chief Arnold Sinisalu, signs of a struggle had been detected at the scene. “Tracks leading from Russia to Estonia are evident,” he said. “[They show] a scuffle occurred, then they lead back.”

“We have no indications that a shooting occurred,” he added. “There is no blood at the scene.”

The FSB in Moscow told Russian news agencies that a Kapo official named Eston Kohver had been detained on Russian territory and was now being investigated.

He was, the FSB said, carrying a pistol, 5,000 euros (£3,980; $6,539) in cash, an eavesdropping device and “other materials related to intelligence-gathering”.

The kidnappers jammed Estonian radio communications and used a smoke grenade during the incident, reports say.


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