NewsMax on October 25, 2014, reported that the United States needs new energy to stay strong, and the government needs to “clean up the mess of debt and waste” moving forward, said GOP congressional candidate Will Hurd, who is running to represent Texas’ 23rd Congressional District.

“The president expects you to go to the polls and stick with the people who have stuck with him,” said Hurd. “To stick with the politicians who helped him push through Obamacare, [and] who helped him block solutions that would create jobs.”

Instead, said Hurd, the nation needs to elect leaders who will ‘take on tough issues and focus on getting things done.”

Hurd pointed out that he’s been in “real fights” as an officer overseas, where he “witnessed folks struggling for freedom and stared down those trying to end our way of life.”

And in the private sector, he sees how the government is threatening economic security.

“We need to clean up the mess of debt and waste by balancing our budget and simplifying our tax code,” said Hurd. “We need to reduce the burdens on middle class families and small business owners who are trying to achieve the American Dream.”

Further, the United States “needs to ensure our ability to be energy independent.”

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