The Republic, Arizona, on October 24, 2012, reported that downtown Mesa near Phoenix, Arizona, will be home to a library honoring the legacy of late Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater.

Establishment of the Barry and Peggy Goldwater Library and Archives is expected to be completed in 2016. Excerpts below:

The $30 million research and education center in the heart of Arizona’s third-largest city is expected to contain not only the Goldwater archives but papers from other Arizona politicians.

It will also showcase artifacts from Goldwater’s life, his trajectory having paralleled that of Arizona’s statehood while deeply influencing national and global politics.

The library’s website describes the facility as “a cultural and historical institution of global significance.”

The archives are certain to be both voluminous and rich: The late author William F. Buckley reported that after leaving the Senate, Goldwater dictated more than 24,000 letters in a single year.

The library’s website calls Goldwater’s papers “one of the premier congressional collections in the United States.”

Comment: The Barry and Peggy Goldwater Center for Democracy on its website says that it was founded to preserve the legacy of United States Senator Barry Goldwater, the father of American conservatism.

“Our mission is to promote a clearer, better understanding of the United States Congress, both historically and in a contemporary setting. While the heart of the Center is Senator Goldwater’s papers, speeches and campaign documents, the Center for Democracy will also house Congressional papers from Arizona’s members of the House and Senate since Statehood as they become available.

The Goldwater Center will include a small museum, where exhibits might be from Presidential Libraries. The Center will hold lecture series and economic development seminars and students will have opportunities to learn how democracy works.

The Barry and Peggy Goldwater Center for Democracy will be a 40,000- square-foot library and research center located on five acres within a block of the Mesa Arts Center.

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