Swedish Cold War Premier Olof Palme, a social democrat, was a prominent supporter of Communist “liberation movements” in the developing world. Did he support freedom and democracy in Eastern Europe? The Palme Commission in the 1980s had prominent Soviet propagandists as members like Georgiy Arbatov. Former Swedish counter-intelligence officer Olof Franstedt in the early 21st century revealed that Olof Palme was in contact with a KGB-agent in Stockholm.

Palme was also a friend of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Once the Swedish premier gave a public speech in Havana in the presence of Castro expressing great sympathy and understanding for the regime on Cuba. In the same speech he said that the struggle of the Vietnamese and Cambodian peoples had achieved victory. This was at the same time as the genocide of Pol Pot had been initiated in Cambodia.

He was never critical of the communist dictatorship in China. In the beginning of the 1980s Olof Palme visited East Germany publicly speaking of “peace” and “friendship” with the communist dictator Honecker. Not a single word about democracy and freedom. Under Palme’s premiership never a critical word about Libya’s dictator Khadaffi, whom he called his “friend”. At the same time there were numerous insults of Israel by members of Palme’s government

In The Palme Commission the Swedish premier was surrounded by Soviet experts in the field of disinformation such as Georgi Arbatov and General Mikhail Milstein of the Institute of the USA and Canada in Moscow. Georgii Kornienko, Soviet first deputy foreign minister, and Marshal Sergei Akhromeev, first deputy chief of the General Staff, also participated in the efforts of the commission. The goal was so called “common security” between the West and the Soviet Union. Had Palme had his way there would still have been a Soviet Union, that could subjugate the peoples of Eastern Europe. Olof Palme was a supporter of communist regimes and so called “liberation movements” around the world.


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