Washington Times on April 10, 2015, reported that Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said that the Obama administration has left the nation vulnerable to an attack, and urged those who turned out for the NRA’s annual meeting to make sure that the next president takes the fight to Islamic militants.

Mr. Graham is flirting with a presidential bid and has established himself as one of the most vocal defense hawks on Capitol Hill.

“Ladies and gentleman, we are at war, this is not a time of peace,” Mr. Graham said. “There are more terrorist organizations, with more capability, with more weapons, with more desire and more safe havens than at any time before 9-11, and it is a result of leading from behind.”

Mr. Graham, an Air Force Reserve colonel, said he stands with Israel, and vowed to take care of the veterans — the “one percent” — that have fought in military conflicts overseas.

“Ladies and gentleman, my goal is to keep the war over there so it never comes back here again,” he said. “My goal is to make sure that we go after those bastards that are trying to kill us and everybody like us and make sure they feel the wrath of this country. That we dig them out and we kill them because there is no other substitute.”


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