The Jihadist permanent world war has now been going on for decades. With the downing of a Russian passenger plane over Sinai killing 224 people in October 2015 and the brutal terror attack in Paris, France, on November 13, 2015, we might now be in a permanent phase in the ongoing global war against the West.

Last time this type of war was waged against the West was from 1917 to 1991.

The wave of civil wars and revolutions then spread in Europe from Bavaria to Hungary (Bela Kun). During World War II Ukrainians fought a guerrilla war against first the Nazi occupiers and then against the Soviet and their puppet troops.

Then in 1945 a whole series of civil wars escalated: Korea, Greece, Vietnam, Laos, China, Tibet, Cuba, South America, and Turkey to mention a few examples.

During the Cold War the world was dominated by a communist onslaught. It was planned and executed in Moscow. The war was both overt and covert. The purpose was to subjugate the West and finally the whole world to the rule of the Russian communists.

From 1939 to 1945 the West rightly fought to destroy the Nazi threat but also at the same time handed over half of Western Europe to the Soviet version of Hitler as a present.

While the communist onslaught went on after 1945 influential opinion makers in the West fought a war of ideas against what they termed the “Nazi” Adenauer in then West Germany. The same opinion makers demanded “liberation” in Africa and supported communist and neo-communist regimes on that continent.

Under the banner of “peaceful coexistence”, as suggested by the Soviet regime, Western leaders accepted this state of affairs. Had the policy succeeded the Soviet Union would still exist in 2015. The communist civil wars around the globe would have continued.

Instead of interstate war there have from 1989 to 2006 raged 115 civil wars within states. There have only been a few interstate wars during the same period. Many leaders in America and Europe today do not acknowledge that a dangerous Jihadist war is waged against Western civilization. This has been ongoing since at least 2001. Israel, Europe and finally America are the main targets. Some countries in northern Europe believe that they are protected in the permanent Jihadist war through a version of “peaceful coexistence”, although there have been terror attacks both in Sweden and Denmark. The Swedish social democratic Prime Minister in November 2015 admitted that Swedish policies had been “naïve”.

The global impact of civil wars has been estimated at around 120 billion US dollars per year. That is more than the annual aid budget of the developed world for the developing world. To this can be added vast costs in the ongoing Jihadist war against the West.


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