Daily Caller on February 21, 2016, reported that after a strong showing in South Carolina, Marco Rubio said, “After tonight, this has become a three person race and we will win the nomination.” Excerpts below:

Taking the stage with his family, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Rep. Trey Gowdy and Sen. Tim Scott, Rubio congratulated the winner, Donald Trump.

While Trump won South Carolina… Rubio got second place…over Cruz, leading Rubio to declare, “After tonight, this has become a three person race and we will win the nomination.”

Rubio said of Bush, “I have an incredible affection and admiration not just for Governor Bush but for his family and for their service to our country. Jeb Bush has many things to be proud of, he is an extraordinary husband, he’s an extraordinary father, he was the greatest governor in the history of Florida and I believe and I pray that his service to our country has not yet ended. And I thank Jeb Bush for everything he did for the state of Florida and for running a campaign based on ideas.”

“If tonight, you are that single mother, who has made it the purpose of your life to leave your children better off than yourself in the 21st Century, we conservatives will fight for you,” Rubio said.

Concluding his speech, Rubio said, “If it is God’s will that we should win this election, then history will say that on this night in South Carolina, we took the first step forwards in the beginning of a new American century.”


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