GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio’s homepage ( has reported on the way forward between Super Tuesday and the March 15, 2016, primary in Florida and on the Rubio Puerto Rico win. Excerpts below:

Donald Trump didn’t come out a winner on Super Tuesday.

He had less than 30 percent of the delegates possible, despite investing heavily in these states.

Marco’s tough line on Trump has worked.

Delegates matter going forward. No one is currently on track to winning the 1,237 delegates needed.

The map favors Marco: He’s beaten Ted Cruz in a number of states Cruz expected to dominate, while states to come are more Marco-friendly.

Marco is well-positioned to win more and more delegates in the races to come and unite the party.

Marco Rubio won all of Puerto Rico’s 23 delegates on Sunday, thanks to getting well over 50 percent of the vote.

It’s the first time any Republican so far this year has won more than half the vote in a primary or caucus.

Marco’s win is partly attributable to the positive set of solutions he’s set out for how to help Puerto Rico out of its current economic crisis, relying on free-market reforms rather than more help from Washington.

And his…win bodes well for the March 15 primary in Florida, too: The state is home to many Puerto Ricans.


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