Wall Street Journal on March 11, 2016 reported that Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio delivered a sweeping indictment of front-runner Donald Trump’s foreign policy at Temple Beth El synagogue in Florida. Mr. Rubio said, “We cannot afford to have a commander-in-chief and the next president of the U.S. who simply does not have the basic knowledge, not to mention the competency or the temperament, to lead this country at such a dangerous time,” Mr. Rubio said. Excerpts below:

Mr. Trump is leading Mr. Rubio by nearly 15 points in Florida, according to the Real Clear Politics average.

At the synagogue, Mr. Rubio repeated several of the earlier criticisms…describing Mr Trump’s professed desire to negotiate a peace deal in the Middle East as “anti-Israel.” A two-state solution is not possible, he said, because “the Palestinian authority has never shown any willingness.’’

Mr. Rubio was flanked by Dan Senor, a staunchly pro-Israel adviser to former President George W. Bush, and former state Rep. Adam Hasner, a leader in South Florida’s large Jewish community.

“These are deeply held beliefs that Marco has when it comes to standing with the state of Israel,” Mr. Hasner said…


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