Washington Times on March 14, 2016, reported that Israel’s top defense official said that the collapse of Syria as a functioning country is inevitable, asserting that the United Nations and the great powers need a “different grand strategy” for ending the country’s brutal five-year civil war. Excerpts below:

The assertion by Israeli Defense Minister H.E. Moshe Ya’alon came on a day of fast-paced developments around the five-year conflict, as Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia’s forces plan to begin pulling out of Syria, reversing an escalation that has bolstered the position of Moscow’s ally, Syrian President Bashar Assad.

On a visit to Washington, Mr. Ya’alon said Syria was already a failed state.

“There is no way to unify Syria,” the Israeli defense minister said…

During an appearance at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, he argued that the U.S. and other powers are engaged in “wishful thinking” by pursuing a strategy in which Syria remains a nation as it was before the outbreak of war in 2011.

…he said the only way forward is “to have a kind of federation” that includes an autonomous Kurdish “sector,” even if such is opposed by Turkey,…

Other sectors might include an “Alawistan” led by Mr. Assad and a “Druzistan” for the nation’s Druze population, he said, suggesting that once the different sectors were established, they may be able to cooperate toward purging such Sunni Muslim extremists elements as the Islamic State and the Nusra Front.

Comment: Partition of Syria could very well be the answer when it comes to ending the Syrian conflict. It is important to listen to the voice of Israel in this matter. A new American president after the November election will have to consider a new US and Western approach to the rising influence of the Iranian empire in the Middle East.


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