Hoover Institution, Stanford University on March 24, 2016 published a new essay by Research Fellow Kori N Schake (A Winning Strategy: Combine Military Force With Good Governance).

In it Schake, who has been director for Defense Strategy and Requirements on the National Security Council, argues that the United States has been unable to translate frequent tactical successes into strategic victories. One reason is that there has been no clear political end strategy. Another is that there has been too much reliance on military means instead of an integrated mix of political, diplomatic, economic, intelligence, information and cultural elements. The West is telegraphing to allies and enemies an incapacity to act strategically.

Comment: Obama is only one of the many American Democrat presidents who had no plan for strategic victory. One of those was Jimmy Carter (1977 – 1981). During his watch Soviet-backed socialists took power in Nicaragua and Grenada. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Carter lifted bans on travels to Cuba and North Korea. He told the Americans to stop fearing Communism. A short time thereafter Cuba dispatched military forces to Ethiopia.

Carter was followed by Republican President Ronald Reagan. He had a strategy for victory and presented a direct moral challenge to the Soviet Union taking offensive both ideologically and geopolitically. President Reagan fought for a final outcome of the Cold War.

Obama has since 2008 followed in Jimmy Carters footsteps. There have been a few tactical successes during Obama’s presidency but there is no strategy for victory with a mix of various elements. The battle against radical Islamic terrorism is drawn out preventing the United States and the West to focus on the rise of Chinese power in the East and the new Cold War in Europe. Like Carter in the 1970s Obama has strengthened theocratic Iran so that it now can continue to destabilize the Middle East and be a growing threat to Israel.


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