Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA’s) Information Warfare Initiative has a new webpage ( It is an innovative, on-the-ground effort to monitor, collate, analyze, rebut and expose Russian disinformation in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). CEPA Senior Vice President is Edward Lucas. Peter Pomerantsev of The Legatum Institute and well known author Anne Applebaum is a Senior Adjunct Fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) also have leading roles. One of the program’s aims is to assist policymakers in advancing transatlantic efforts to develop a comprehensive and effective strategy to counter Russian disinformation in the CEE region.

Leading journalists, activists and media analysts from Europe’s frontline states are contributing and offer analysis for effectively dealing with Russian disinformation at the institutional, strategic and conceptual levels.

The program activities of the initiative include practitioner workshops; regular monitoring of country-specific applications of Russian disinformation content and techniques and the effectiveness or weakness of propaganda; the development of an Information Warfare Web Portal for centralizing data and analytical inputs on disinformation in the CEE region; policy engagement through the convening of policy briefings; and the production of actionable policy recommendations for defending against and defeating Russian efforts.

The latest report of the initiative was published in January 2016. Sputnik: Propaganda in Orbit by Ben Nimmo is available on CEPA’s new webpage. It deals with the workings of Russian disinformation and the reasons for its effectiveness.

The Kremlin media machine uses different, sophisticated techniques to distort facts, distract from important questions and dismay its audience. The campaign in Central and Eastern Europe transcends linguistic and political barriers and utilizes anti-establishment protest politicians from both extremes of the political spectrum. The end goal is to discredit Western governments, policies and institutions, such as the European Union and NATO, while cementing the Kremlin’s message.

To effectively battle Sputnik and similar Russian media outlets, the best weapon is knowledge.


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