The Daily Mail newspaper in the United Kingdom on November 24, 2014, reported that according to Dimitri Bontinck IS was ready to unleash war on Europe using sleeper cells. Bontinck is a British army veteran renowned for rescuing youths from Islamic State. He is known as the ‘Jihadi Hunter’. Excerpts below:

Bontinck said to the Daily Mail:

It’s not the kids who are the principal danger – it’s the chiefs whom you never see in the videos. The mature men running this organization are deeply sinister, and extremely well-funded, and they have European countries such as Britain, France and Belgium in their sights.

He added:

Their aim is to take revenge against the west for what they view as an all-out assault on them, and they will strike when they are ready. I’ve been told by very influential sources that they have sleeper cells over here, and are preparing to unleash their war in Europe.’

Mr Bontinck, a Belgian national who is based in Antwerp, has completed seven missions to Syria to help rescue his son, 19-year-old Jejoen, along with other youths in the same position.

My greatest help has come from the French, Bontinck said, who are very proactive in getting their people out. They do a lot of their dealings through Qatar.

The massively wealthy Arab country has close links with France despite – controversially – being accused of indirectly funding IS as an enemy of Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad.

On potential attacks, the Belgian said, could range from a ‘lone wolf’ beheading in a crowded shopping centre or street, to a bomb plot using fertiliser stolen from farms.

Comment: The recent radical Islamist mass killing in Orlando, Florida, in June 2016 is a sign that there are also sleeper cells in the United States. The policy of the present American administration seems to mainly limited to drone strikes. It is the same policy that was used by the Clinton administration. The only difference was in the 1990s that instead of drones the administration used cruise missiles.

In an editorial in National Review recently the editors wrote that “It’s Time for a Long-Term Strategy to Utterly Crush Islamic Terrorism”:

The U.S. can no longer treat the Islamic State, a resurgent al-Qaeda, and other terrorist organizations as distant enemies. Islamic terrorists’ war on us has returned to American shores, and it will continue here as long as we refuse to exercise the tactics necessary to stamp it out.

This administration has refused to craft a coherent plan for defeating our enemies abroad, preferring to engage in small, disconnected missions on an as-needed basis. It is time for a long-term strategy. As long as terrorists have sanctuaries in which they can train, and from which they can recruit, Americans will continue to live under threat.


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