Bertil Haggman’s 2015 book (Kindle Direct Publishing) is timely. Since Nykonservatismen i USA (New Conservatism in the United States) in 1971 (with Claes G Ryn) the author has closely studied the political development in the United States.

An important breakthrough in the study of anti-communism in the United States was Professor Richard Gid Powers’ Not Without Honor (1995). It was superbly written and richly detailed. Moreover it restored the struggle against communism to its historic place in American life. The anticommunist movement in America was composed of a wide range of Americans – Jews, Protestants, blacks, Catholics, union leaders, businessmen and conservatives. Their struggle was rooted in knowledge and experience with the Communist system.

During the Cold War the United States militarily was under siege on many fronts at home and worldwide.

The new book treats anticommunism in a small country between 1963 and 1991. Leftist demonstrators at that time called for a socialist revolution both in the United States and Europe.

Haggman defended freedom and democracy in Asia during those dark days. He worked with South Vietnam’s Information Office in Stockholm, Sweden, to explain why Ho Chi Minh should be defeated.

This first volume of Bertil Haggman’s political memoirs will be followed by three more volumes. The story about Swedish center-right anticommunism needs to be told.

Below is a list of contents of Swedish Center-Right Anticommunism 1963 – 1991 – Notes by a Participant :



Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 History of Anticommunism in the West – A Few Examples

Chapter 3 The Lack of Swedish Studies of Center-Right Anticommunism during the Cold War

Chapter 4 Notes Concerning a Study of Center-Right Anticommunism in Sweden from 1963 to 1991

The Inform Group in Lund 1963 – 1964

The Baltic Committee (Baltiska kommittén)

Committee for a Free Asia (Kommittén för ett fritt Asien)

Foundation for Conflict Analysis (Stiftelsen för konfliktanalys)

European Freedom Council (EFC; Europeiska frihetsrådet)

Military & Subversive Threat Analysis (MISTA) – A Northern Newsletter

The Global Communist Genocide – An Introduction

Government Blacklisting of Swedish Anticommunists during the Cold War

Researching the Swedish Communist Party

Supporting Anticommunist Freedom Fighters around the World

Democratic Alliance (Demokratisk allians)

The Foundation and Magazine Contra (Stiftelsen och tidskriften Contra)

The New Tuesday Club (Nya Tisdagsklubben)

The Magazine Arguments for Freedom and Right (Tidskriften Argument för Frihet och Rätt)

Association Fighting Democracry (Förbundet Kämpande Demokrati; FKD)

Critical Information Activities on the Operations of the East German intelligence Service Stasi in Scandinavia


Bertil Haggman: Short Biographical Note


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