Politico on June 26, 2016 reported on Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker’s comments on CNN that the Brexit vote reflects a similar sentiment in the United States…

“Almost the entire establishment in the UK was in the ‘remain’ camp. Look, there’s something in our society, it’s happening in Western societies, where there’s tremendous anxiety over economic stagnation, the whole issue of refugees and immigration that’s changing the context of countries and then this faceless bureaucracy that’s not really responding to people,” said Corker.

The Tennessee Republican defended Trump’s Scotland press conference, calling it “one of his best events,” when Trump said the falling pound would help his golf business…

Corker also said he’s “meticulously stayed out” of whether the Brexit vote is a wise development, but he added that he’d be “less than honest if I didn’t say that this creates for me some anticipation and a degree of excitement in that if seeing what has happened there can cause Western civilization, if you will, to realize that the direction we are going is not a good direction.”

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee criticized President Barack Obama’s comments in April about any future United Kingdom trade agreement falling to the “back of the queue,” calling them “sophomoric threats.”

“I don’t imagine the people of the UK appreciated much another president from another country weighing in,” he said. “The fact is, if anything, my guess is the response of the American people is going to be to draw closer to Great Britain, to United Kingdom, or whatever is left of that.”

Comment: It should be noted that Corker in the CNN interview commented on the direction Western civilization is taking. It is not he good direction, he says.

It should in this connection be noted that there is economic stagnation in the West and growing unease about the Islamist terrorist threat to both the United States and Europe. For 8 years the Obama administration has been ignoring the advice followed by the United States since the Second World War. It is the advice by Yale Professor Nicholas Spykman, a leading classical geopolitical thinker, that the Eurasian rim is the key to Western security. As a result of the present weakness of the United States the West is today challenged by three aggressive empires: autocratic Russia, semi-totalitarian China and theocratic Iran/Persia, the latter an ancient enemy. Voters around the Atlantic Ocean are worried and protesting against the lack of response by Western bureaucracies to the increasingly strong challenges to the West by the three empires. Iran/Persia is the leading supporter in the Middle East of Islamist terrorism. Other parts of the West like for example Australia and Israel have reason to be especially concerned.


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