Congressman Mike Pompeo (R) of Kansas on June 28, 2016, reported on the release of the report of The Select Committee on Benghazi. Pompeo has served since its inception two years ago:

We have completed the most in-depth investigation into the events that took place before, during, and after the attack on the State Department facility at Benghazi. My Committee colleague Congressman Jim Jordan and I also write separately, drawing important conclusions from the facts brought to light by the Committee’s work.

I had the chance to speak with news outlets from KQAM’s Joseph Ashby Show to ABC’s Good Morning America. We spoke about the Committee’s report, along with my additional report with Congressman Jordan. Specifically, we discussed this Administration’s failure to respond adequately on the night of Benghazi and the cover up that followed. Ultimately, Hillary Clinton and President Obama put politics before the American people. Contrary to what the Clinton campaign has repeated over and over again, help might have been able to get to the American facilities at Benghazi, Libya, but the administration did not even try. They say the test of any leader is the 3 AM phone call—Hillary Clinton had hers and failed.

This afternoon I spoke with ¬¬¬KAKE in Wichita, the Blaze, and WIBW in Topeka. The fact is that when we might have been able to save American lives, no action was taken. Blaming a non-existent protest for the death of four Americans may be politically expedient, but it is morally reprehensible. Making excuses after the fact is even worse. We now know that Secretary Clinton was saying one thing to the Administration and her closest allies, while saying something entirely different to the American public—including the mothers and fathers of four dead Americans.

Kansans expect more. We expect our leaders to do their best to protect Americans who are doing dangerous work in dangerous places on our behalf. We expect that they will move heaven and earth when American lives are in danger. And we now know exactly what difference does it make to have leaders lead.

After two long years serving on the Select Committee on Benghazi, I wish I could tell you that we uncovered everything. Because of the Obama administration’s obstruction, we did not. But we now know this: Americans deserved better on the night of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi.


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