Fox News on September 20, 2016, published an article by Jay Sekulow on Russia and radical Islam joining in an alliance to undermine the West. Excerpts below:

A change has recently occurred in U.S. policy toward the Middle East, as we have begun to withdraw from the region under President Obama.

The U.S. has substantially withdrawn its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and has, for the most part, chosen not to involve itself in the civil war raging in Syria, due to the Obama administration’s foreign policy decisions. This departure has created a vacuum in the Middle East, a void waiting to be filled by some other country.

President Obama has consistently failed to name our enemy.

What we are now seeing is the formation of a truly unholy alliance. Enemies of the West – including Russia, Syria, Iran, the Islamic State, and others – are working together – even if they are traditional enemies themselves such as Shiite and Sunni Muslims, or Russia and Iran – in order to destabilize the world and seize power for themselves.

…Russia’s activity in the Middle East has greatly increased as [the] former Cold War foe attempts to regain a foothold in the region and assert control over lucrative oil resources.

As Iran seeks to fill the vacuum and oppose American interests around the world, it has cultivated an alliance with Russia, a nation led by a former Cold War intelligence officer who dreams of returning Russia to its Soviet-level influence in the region and throughout the world.

When [US] show weakness, they show strength. When we withdraw, they advance. When we lack strategy, they execute their strategy. And let there be no doubt, this will result in more terrorist attacks, more aggression, more lives lost, and a reshaping of the world order.

Iran and Russia share one goal in Syria – to keep the Assad regime in power. In July 2015, Iran and Russia rapidly and significantly increased their political and military cooperation.

Ultimately, if Russia and Iran continue to fight for the Assad regime in Syria, the result will be an expansion of Iran’s influence in Syria. This expansion will further destabilize the Middle East by placing Iranian forces in Sunni-Arab lands as well as on the border with Israel, expanding the Iranian hegemon, and strengthening Russia’s presence in the region at the United States’ expense.

This is not just a matter of geopolitical gamesmanship between global superpowers. Real lives are on the line – the lives of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East, women and children, and innocent people of all ethnicities and nationalities.

In my new book – “Unholy Alliance” – I reveal an action plan we can take to eliminate this dangerous threat.

First, we must clearly identify the enemy. Call the enemy what they are: radical jihadist terrorists who are at war with us. They will stop at nothing to destroy us and our way of life.

Further, the U.S. needs strong leadership and deep resolve if we are to succeed in this new war.

Our country has fought evil and defended the oppressed. In order to do so again, we must realize the true nature of the enemies who stand against us and proclaim the shared values that have made America so exceptional all along.

Jay Sekulow is Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which focuses on constitutional law. He’s a New York Times bestselling author. Jay’s latest book – “Unholy Alliance: The Agenda Iran, Russia, and Jihadists Share for Conquering the World” – is available now. He hosts “Jay Sekulow Live”– a daily radio show which is broadcast on more than 850 stations nationwide as well as Sirius/XM satellite radio.

Comment: In the Eurasian geopolitical context there are other possible alliances that could threaten the West. Russia and China is another cooperation that could be a challenge to Western interests. Recent naval cooperation in the South China Sea could indicate a Sino-Russian alliance in the future. Even without such an alliance a strengthened Russia (the heartland) and a modern, vitalized, and militarized China in the eastern part of the rimland joined by Iran is a danger. The American retreat in the Middle East during the past eight years has been an encouragement to radical Islam, Russia, and Iran. This along with Russian aggression against Ukraine could be a strategic disaster waiting to happen. Another four years of Democratic foreign policy in America would further endanger the West.


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