Washington Examiner on September 27, 2016, reported that two Republican senators pointed to Scandinavia to argue that Donald Trump supporters are raising legitimate concerns about the danger of opening the United States’ doors to refugees. Excerpts below:

“One need not support Mr. Trump to acknowledge these reasonable concerns of the 14 million Republicans who voted for him in the primaries and the tens of millions who will vote for him in November,”wrote Sen. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., and Sen. Tom Cotton, R- Ark., in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece.

The senators argued that their recent visit Norway and Sweden convinced them that the… response to the influx of immigrants can provide a lesson for the domestic political establishment. They asserted that the attitudes of many Swedish leaders parallel those held by American politicians. The senators, on the other hand, have argued against taking in massive numbers of refugees.

“Norwegian leaders responded to similar concerns and their country is safe and stable. Swedish leaders didn’t and their country faces economic, social, and political upheaval. There is a lesson here for American elites.”

While asylum applications dropped 95 percent between the last quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016 in Norway, the senators wrote that Sweden has accepted 280,000, which is more than any other EU nation, after the country “threw open its doors in 2013” by offering these immigrants permanent residency.

“Norway is far from hardhearted. … But Norwegians understand that an open-border policy would strain their resources, disrupt the integration of other recently arrived immigrants, and undercut the legitimate desire of Norwegians to preserve their nation’s culture and character,” the senators wrote.

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