The election result in the United States on November 8, 2016, burst the left-liberal bubble. It may have consequences for the rest of the West. President Donald Trump has a huge task ahead in the United States and his policies will be closely followed by other Western nations.

The globalist agenda has a firm hold in for instance Sweden. The left liberal elites firmly control media, state institutions and almost all political parties in this Nordic country of 9 million inhabitants.

During the past years prominent media representatives have preached that military defense is unimportant and the money for defense would be better used for social services. Sweden spends around 1,1 percent of GDP on national defense, one of the lowest figures in the West.

The former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, also former NATO Secretary General has in his recent book “The Will to Lead” (2016) called for larger contributions by European countries to NATO. If for example Sweden joined it would have to double its defense spending.

At present matters of immigration is dominating in Swedish left-liberal media. There is much panic over all problems related to refugees and immigrants. It has gone as far as dividing several public swimming pools. There are times when men and boys can swim and times when women and girls can swim.

A result of the almost hysterical concentration on immigration in media there is little room or serious debate in questions that concerns Sweden’s duties as part of the civilized West.

This is especially so in the all important matter of civilizational defense. The West of course reaps the gains of free trade all over the world but it must also defend human rights not only in the West but also outside our own civilization. As pointed out by American Professor Adda Bozeman in her many important books in the civilizational field we in the West must understand that the demands by the West for greater parliamentary democracy is not enough. It is necessary that local and national identities are taken into account.

Universalists must learn to accept what realists understand. We must live in the real world and not in some fancy utopian bubble. A universalist path that would have catastrophic results all over the world. The Obama administration is leaving a chaotic inheritance. It is time to fix the world after eight years of Western decline.

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