Fox News on May 3, 2017, published an article on North Korean defector Hyeonseo Lee praising President Donald Trump for his tough stand agains the regime of dictator Kim Jong Un. She fled North Korea in 1997 and now lives in the West.

Her book ”The Girl with 7 Names – Escape from North Korea” was an international bestseller. She has described her experience on TV. Excerpts from the report below:

She “talks” about “slavery” under the rigid regimes of Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather.

“We only receive thus much and we don’t have enough,” she explained, “that’s how we automatically became the slave of the regime.”

She witnessed executions, indoctrination, and a famine in the ’90s, which left an estimated million dead and abandoned.

“Because of so many dead bodies, certain people’s job was to get rid of the bodies, with carts,” she recounted.

Fast forward to today and President Trump’s tough talk about North Korea. Hyeonseo said when she first heard Trump speak, she cried.

“Not any president said those words until today,” she said, “even though we’ve been suffering for seven decades.”

Lee says North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is a dangerous foe, with his nukes and missiles and repression.

The killing this year of his half-brother in Malaysia was a warning. She told Fox News if the regime wanted to act against her, “they could do something.”

Still, she holds on to a dream that one day the regime will fall and she will be able to return home.

Comment: Since the 1990s the West has failed to solve the problem of North Korea and its growing arsenal of nuclear weapons. The regime has been supported by China and US Democratic administrations have resorted to deal-making and bargaining with the dangerous Marxist-Leninist regime. North Korea must be confronted with policies based on strength and resolve. Failed negotiations have resulted in the regime receiving millions in energy assistance. Food assistance has been diverted to strengthening the military.

In 2000 Democratic Secretary of State Madeleine Albright travelled to Pyongyang for discussions on limiting the ballistic program. Instead of success there there have since been ever growing attempts by North Korea to threaten America with nuclear war. Albright during her visit presented Kim Jong Il with a basketball autographed by Michael Jordan.

Finally, in 2017, the United States is pressuring China into taking action against North Korea. Also the South Korean defense is strengthened and Japan is actively cooperating in military measures against North Korea.

A reunification of the two Koreas into a free and democratic Korea is a future possibility. Germany was unified in 1989 during a Republican administration. Only in times when American policy is peace through strength can communist countries be liberated peacefully.


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