American Enterprise Institute, Washington DC, in an article published on March 23, 2018, commented on the ongoing decline of the Left in Europe using Netherlands as an example. Excerpts below:

The Netherlands held local elections on [in March 2018] in most of the country…

Let’s have a quick look at the local election results… The Labor Party (PvdA), traditionally the second-largest force in Dutch politics, continued its decline by underperforming relative to its disappointing 2014 results. Coupled with the shellacking it received in last year’s general-election vote, when it became the seventh-largest party in Parliament, it is hard to still think of the PvdA as a major political party.

[Its voters] have been taken over by the resurgent Green Left as the major player on the left. This fits a broad, continent-wide pattern of traditional social-democratic parties losing significant ground (France, Germany, Italy, Spain), practically disappearing (Greece), or taking a sharp turn toward the populist left (Great Britain).

Comment: As usual Sweden is an exception with the Labor Party (SAP) receiving between 25 and 30 percent in opinion polls in advance of national elections in September 2018. It remains the largest politicial party. SAP is governing in Sweden with the Green Left (MP), which according to recent polls will not make it to parliament in September (under 4 percent of the votes). Denmark, Finland and Norway all have center-right governments.


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