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June 26, 2020

Axios in June 2020 reported that The U.S. Defense Department has made public for the first time a list of Chinese companies that are operating in the U.S. and are tied to the Chinese military. Excerpts below :

The list includes

Hangzhou Hikvision,
China Railway Construction Corporation
China Telecommunications Corporation.

President Trump has the authority to invoke emergency economic powers, including sanctions, against the 20 companies on the list.

The list was required by the 1999 National Defense Authorization Act, but was either not assembled or not made public, until now.

Comment: the full list of the 20 companies is available on internet (”Qualifying Entities in Response to Section 1237 of the National Defense Authorization Act for the Fiscal Year 1999 (PUBLIC LAW 105-261”).


June 25, 2020

Voice of America on June 24, 2020 reported that U.S. President Donald Trump’s national security adviser says China is trying to “remake the world’ in its image. For excerpts see below:

Speaking before a group of business leaders in Phoenix, Arizona, Robert O’Brien said U.S. policymakers had naively believed for decades that the Chinese Commnunist Party would move steadily towards democracy as it grew economically, while at the same time downplaying Beijing’s numerous human rights abuses.

O’Brien said China has launched a massive effort to influence opinion within the United States, claiming that people in more than a dozen American cities listen to FM radio stations that broadcast “subtle pro-Beijing propaganda.” One example he cited was a false assertion that the novel coronavirus that was first detected in Wuhan late last year was brought into the country by a U.S. soldier.

The national security adviser also cited China’s efforts to collect personal data on millions of Americans through cyberhacking of credit bureaus, health insurers, hotel chains and even dating websites.

O’Brien said the Trump administration has imposed restrictions on Chinese companies that are closely allied with the Chinese Communist Party’s intelligence and security apparatus from accessing U.S. data, including tech giant Huawei, which the administration contends will use its new 5G network to spy on Americans.

Other high-ranking senior administration officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray, are expected to deliver similar speeches challenging China in the immediate future.


June 24, 2020

The Hill on June 23, 2020 reported that activists in South Korea went ahead with a plan to airlift propaganda leaflets over its shared border with North Korea this week despite growing tensions over the campaign. Excerpts below:

The Associated Press said that the group, which is led by North Korean defectors, launched leaflets by balloon from the border town of Paju. The campaign reportedly involved a half-million messages, delivered by about 20 balloons.

“Though North Korean residents have become modern-day slaves with no basic rights, don’t they have the right to know the truth?” said Park Sang-hak, the leader of the organization, according to the AP.

South Korean officials, meanwhile, announced earlier this month that charges would be filed against the North Korean defectors for future leaflet drops.


June 16, 2020

On June 12, 2020) the North Atlantic Council recognised Ukraine as an Enhanced Opportunities Partner. This status is part of NATO’s Partnership Interoperability Initiative, which aims to maintain and deepen cooperation between Allies and partners that have made significant contributions to NATO-led operations and missions.

As an Enhanced Opportunities Partner, Ukraine will benefit from tailor-made opportunities to help sustain such contributions. This includes enhanced access to interoperability programmes and exercises, and more sharing of information, including lessons learned.

“This decision recognises Ukraine’s strong contributions to NATO missions, and demonstrates the Alliance’s continued commitment to its partnerships despite the COVID-19 pandemic,” said NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu.

Ukraine is now one of six Enhanced Opportunities Partners, alongside Australia, Finland, Georgia, Jordan and Sweden. Each of the partners has a tailor-made relationship with NATO, based on areas of mutual interest.

Ukraine’s status as an Enhanced Opportunities Partner does not prejudge any decisions on NATO membership. NATO Allies continue to encourage and support Ukraine in its reform efforts, including in the security and defence sector, with regard to civilian control and democratic oversight, and in the fight against corruption.


June 15, 2020

National Interest on June 11, 2020, reported on House Republicans proposing U.S. sanctions against high-level Chinese officials, including some restrictions that would apply to all members of China’s legislature and their families. Excerpts below:

The Republican Study Committee, which includes 147 members of Congress, published a new national security strategy in June 2020 aiming to push back against the [Chinese Communist Party] and its efforts to undermine U.S. interests, remake the world order, and promote an alternative form of governance.

The 120-page document proposes various sanctions against high-level Chinese officials, including a blanket ban on studying at U.S. universities. The ban would cover members of the Politburo, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and the 2,280-delegate National Congress.

It would also extend these officials’ children and spouses.

“In recent decades, China has utilized a number of underhanded methods to pilfer the IP [intellectual property] of the United States and other Western nations,” the document states. “It should go without saying that Chinese government officials and senior [Chinese Communist Party] officials and their family members should not be able to study in the United States while China undertakes a campaign of IP theft and economic espionage against the United States.”

The Republican proposal also includes economic sanctions for human rights abuses in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet.

China is accused of human rights abuses in its assimilation campaigns against Tibetan Buddhists as well as Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang. Chinese authorities are also cracking down on the autonomy of Hong Kong, a city that was granted its own government under the “One Country, Two Systems” policy in 1997.

The Republican Study Committee proposed mandating sanctions against Chen, in addition to the Minister of Public Security, the Communist Party Secretary for Tibet, and several Politburo members and senior officials responsible for Hong Kong.

These officials would have their U.S. assets frozen and be banned from entering the United States.

Republicans also proposed blocking Xinjiang’s exports under a U.S. law that bans goods made with slave labor.


June 11, 2020

Soviet organized efforts to assassinate political targets abroad started after Khrushchev exposed Stalin’s crimes in 1956.

Krushchev’s New Methodology

Khrushchev is crucial to all Soviet eliminations from 1956 to 1991. He was a ruthless tyrant and introduced a new “methodology” for carrying out these operations. Now KGB cases had to be handled strictly orally and kept forever secret. They also had to be kept secret from the Politburo and every other governing body. After each operation, the KGB was to spread “evidence” abroad accusing the CIA or other organizations of having done the killing. Khrushchev also ordered the KGB to develop a new generation of weapons that would kill without leaving any detectable trace in the victim’s body.

Shah of Iran

In February 1962 the KGB narrowly failed killing the shah of Iran, who had removed a Communist government installed in the northwestern part of Iran.
In 1990 Vladimir Kuzichkin, a KGB officer who had been directly involved in the failed attempt to kill the shah and who had afterwards defected to the West, published a book (Inside the KGB: My Life in Soviet Espionage, Pantheon Books, 1990) in which he describes the operation. According to Kuzichkin, the shah escaped alive because the remote control used to set off a large quantity of explosives in a Volkswagen car had malfunctioned.

Mao Zedong

The KGB had in 1971 organized a plot in the PRC to kill Mao Zedong with the help of Lin Biao, the head of the Chinese army, who had been educated in Moscow. The plot failed, and Lin Biao tried to fly out of China in a military plane. His execution was announced only in 1972.

John Paul II

On May 13, 1981, KGB organized, with help from Bulgaria, an attempt to kill Pope John Paul II, who was a firm anticommunist. Mehmet Ali Aqca, who shot the pope, admitted that he had been recruited by the Bulgarians. He identified his liaison officers in Italy: Sergey Antonov, deputy chief of the Balkanair office in Rome, who was arrested. Another contact was Major Zhelvu Vasilief, from the military attaché office, who could not be arrested because of his diplomatic status and was recalled to Sofia. Aqca also admitted that, after the assassination, he was to be secretly taken out of Italy in a TIR truck (in the Soviet bloc the TIR trucks were used by the intelligence services for operational activities). In May 1991 the Italian government reopened its investigation into the assassination attempt. On March 2, 2006, it concluded that the Kremlin had indeed been behind it.

Stepan Bandera

The Ukrainan ex-President Stepan Bandera was killed by poison in 1959. The Soviet agent Bogdan Stashinsky was sentenced by the West German Federal High Court in 1962. In the view of the court, however, the true murderers resided in Moscow.

The future assassin was born in a village near Lviv in western Ukraine. His family had supported the Ukrainian resistance (UPA) against the returning Soviets after World War II. In 1950 Stashinsky was caught on a train without a ticket. He was interrogated in Soviet occupied Lviv by MGB (later named KGB), the Soviet State Security. The interrogator said that Stashinsky could be valuable to MGB. He was at the time only 19 years old and signed a declaration binding him to work for Soviet security. In 1951 he joined a resistance group of the Ukrainian OUN as Soviet infiltrator. This was his first job for the MGB.

In the Soviet Zone of Germany he was in 1959 ordered to go to Munich and assassinate Stepan Bandera. The Ukrainian exile leader lived at Kreittmayer Street but his office was at Zeppelinstrasse 67 in Munich. Stashinsky downed an anti-poison pill and waited. In the spring that year he had spied out all circumstances around Bandera’s life. After that he returned to East Berlin. He travelled again to Munich in October.

Shortly before 1 o’clock, just as he was beginning to feel relieved, he saw Bandera arrive alone in his car and drive into the yard…he slipped off the safety- catch on the weapon, which was wrapped in a sheet of newspaper, opened the entrance-door and entered the house… [there he waited]…and soon heard the entrance door being opened. He thereupon went down the stairs and saw that Bandera, who had just come in and had a little basket with tomatoes…was trying with his left hand to pull out the door-key, which had apparently got stuck. In order to fill this delay Stashinsky bent down and pretended to be fiddling with his shoe-laces…He then went towards Bandera, who was still standing by the door, and saying something like ‘Won’t it work?” as he passed Bandera, took hold of the outside door-knob with his left hand and, pointing the weapon, which was concealed in a newspaper, at the head of his unsuspecting victim with his right hand, fired the contents of the double-barrelled pistol, which could be done without any effort, and hastily pulled the door from the outside (quote from a book published in …. about Stashinsky).

Escaping to East Berlin Stashinsky was decorated with the Order of the ‘Red Banner’ by a KGB general, head of the local KGB. In December he was called to Moscow to report to the head of KGB, Shelepin, who wanted to hear a full account of the assassination. A few years later a Soviet disinformation campaign was started in an attempt to portray the Ukrainian emigrant Myskiw as murderer of Bandera on October 15, 1959, at the instructions of the German Federal intelligence service, and that the alleged assassin had been murdered shortly afterwards.

In 1961 Stashinsky defected in West Berlin and was brought to an official U.S. department. Later he was handed over to German authorities and placed in custody. At the trial in Karlsruhe Stashinsky was found guilty on two charges of aiding and abetting a murder to eight years penal servitude. The court concluded among other things that the real instigators could be found in Moscow:

The political leadership of the Soviet Union…a country that wants to be proud of its history and civilization…a member of the United Nations which entertains correct diplomatic relations with the German Federal Republic, considers it expedient to have a murder by poison, decided at least on a government level, committed on the sovereign territory of the German Federal Republic as a state order…On the strength of the evidence in this trial the guilt of those from which he received orders is far greater. Without their system of individual political terrorism these two murders would not have happened.

The material and the quotes for this contribution are from the verdict in the Stashynsky trial, Federal High Court, Karlsruhe, Germany, Verdict of October 19, 1962 – 9 StF 4/62.

Bandera was a victim of both Nazi and Soviet injustice. It is natural that he is honored by Ukraine for his struggle against both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

Olof Palme

The elimination of Swedish Premier Olof Palme was planned by the KGB. There was in September to November 1985 a number of meetings between KGB, Iran, and communist Kurds. Iran was highly offended by the actions of Palme in regard to sales of weapons to Iraq by a Swedish company.

During the investigations after the assassination of Palme in 1986 a Soviet woman living in Stockholm reported that a Kurdish tenant of hers had done the deed. There was also evidence of close connection between Kurds in the Swedish capital and Soviet intelligence.

The Palme case can only be solved by further investigation of the operations of KGB in Stockholm to plan and execute the operation to eliminate the target.

Krushchev was ruthless, brash, and extroverted but also irrational. His main instrument of foreign policy was political assassinations and he managed to push the world to the brink of nuclear war. The Soviet leader also secured Fidel Castro’s hold on power in Cuba. He lies forgotten in a Moscow churchyard after his death on September 11, 1971. The year 2020 would be a suitable year to take a new look at his rule as the beginning of the foreign policy of assasination of the Soviet Union.


June 10, 2020

Under 2019 och 2020 har den kinesiska regimen inlett en brutal kampanj för att med våld ta makten i Hongkong. Militära angrepp mot Indien i Himalayaregionen planeras. Det är endast några få exempel av elitpolitik i dagens Kina. Här gäller det inte bara den kommunistiska våldsregimen från 1949 utan ursprunget är över 2000 år gammalt. Den teoretiska grunden för traditionen skapades av filosofen lord Shang på 200-300-talet e.Kr. Shang kritiserade konfucianismens tro på moralisk fostran. Den så kallade legalismen hävdade att moral kunde vara skadlig och använde i stället lagar och förordningar för tyrannisk kontroll av folket. Alla samhällsområden reglerades. Det behövdes en härskande klass, byråkraterna, för att styra. All makt skulle koncentreras till denna elit. Lösningen på samhällsproblemen var att stifta fler och hårdare lagar som tillämpades med hög effektivitet.

Legalismens arvtagare i Kina har varit Maos röda garden, Pol Pots Röda khmerer i Kambodja. Nu är det Xi Jin-ping.

Den totalitära stat som skapades hade ett huvudtema: straff ger makt, makt ger styrka, styrka ger vördnad. Dygden hade sitt ursprung i straff.

Det kinesiska kommunistpartiet har styrt på fastlandet sedan 1949. Det är ett rike som har byggts upp på organiserad plundring och förslavning av det egna folket. Därefter har näraliggande områden (som Tibet) införlivats i riket. Nu eftersträvar legalismens arvtagare världsherravälde.

De klassiska legalisterna gick ett öde till mötes med användning av de metoder de själva brukat för att behålla makten. Ledande medlemmar av eliten avrättades och även föräldrar, bröder, systrar och barn till offren. Byråkraterna hade under sin maktperiod levt ett lyxliv på medborgarnas bekostnad. Det var de styrda som fick betala för de styrandes lyxliv. Härskarna i dagens Peking inser att de kan gå samma öde till mötes och drar nu åt tumskruvarna.

Ett fritt alternativ till kommunistpartiet är en federal stat där byråkratstyret har ersatts med politisk frihet baserad på en ny författning. Det är då viktigt att partibossarna i Peking ställs inför rätta liksom skedde med de nationalsocialistiska förbrytarna 1945.


June 5, 2020

Washington Times on June 4, 2020 published a commentary by well-known commentator Victor Davis Hanson, historian at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University. Hanson brought up PRC and Hong Kong and the ongoing border dispute with India. For excerpts see below:

As the United States protested and bickered, China attempted to strangle what was left of Hong Kong’s enfeebled democracy. China’s theory seemed to be that if it’s going to be blamed for the spreading virus due to its deceit anyway, it might as well not let such a pandemic go to waste.

The Chinese strategy in reaction to disclosures that it hid vital data about the virus and exposed the world to the COVID-19 contagion while it quarantined its own cities has devolved from “So what?” to the current “What exactly are you going to do about it?”

China also decided to ramp up its perennial border confrontations with India, as its forces encroached on Indian soil in the Himalayas. What better way to show the world that a defiant China is dangerous…

Beijing has warned European nations that if their independent media continued to condemn China, there could be commercial retaliation.

For years, China has bullied and waged a virtual commercial war against Asian democracies such as Japan, South Korea, India and Australia. It has subverted almost all international trading norms.

The Chinese government assumed that Western elites would get rich by being complicit in China’s cheating and would thus help sell out their own countries. They were mostly right on both counts.

It beefed up its military and planted island bases in international waters. It compromised strategically important nations by investing in their infrastructure through its neo-colonial and imperialist multi-trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative.

…China is not wasting the disaster of the Wuhan outbreak. It once gained a lot by faking friendliness, but now it seems to think it has no choice but to get even more by being authentically belligerent.

China’s real message to a fence-sitting world?

While America tears itself apart with endless internal quarreling and media psychodramas, while Europe appeases its enemies, and while the rest of Asia stays mute, waiting to see who wins, China is now on the move — without apologies.


June 4, 2020

Washington Times on June 4, 2020 reported on the communist roots of the Antifa movement, which is behind the omgoing insurgency in the United States. For excerpts see below:

Activists of the far-left Antifa movement began planning to foment a nationwide anti-government insurgency as early as November as the U.S. presidential campaign season kicked off in earnest, according to a law enforcement official with access to intelligence behind the shadowy group.

The radical movement has emerged as a key focus for investigators in the wake of violent protests and looting across the country after the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis, according to U.S. law enforcement officials and private security experts.

Joe Myers, a former Defense Intelligence Agency official and counterinsurgency expert, “President Trump’s election and revitalization of America are a threat to Antifa’s nihilist goals. They are fomenting this violence to create havoc, despair and to target the Trump campaign for defeat in 2020.”

More generally, senior Trump administration officials and private analysts are warning that the radicals have rushed to exploit recent anti-police protests to set into motion a program of widespread civil unrest, a program that involves using the protests for looting and burning inner cities with the help of criminals and street gangs.

Far from a centrally organized movement, Antifa is a shadowy “anti-fascist” political front of loosely organized, quasi-underground activists known for wearing black-clad outfits and masks who see destructive street violence as a political tool.

What makes the shadowy group unique is its willingness to use of violence, what Antifa organizers and sympathizers call “direct” action in support of the anarchist and Marxist-Leninist agenda. That often involves setting fires, looting, throwing bricks and bottles at police, and in one case the apparent use of a milkshake laced with quick-dry cement in attacking an opponent in the face.

Antifa initially was focused in West Coast cities such as Portland, Oregon, and Berkeley, California. Antifa supporters later took part in demonstrations during the inauguration of Mr. Trump in January 2017.

Attorney General William Barr said peaceful and legitimate protests against Mr. Floyd’s death were “hijacked by violent radical elements.” He singled out Antifa for special criticism.

“Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate, violent and extremist agenda,” Mr. Barr said on Sunday.

The name Antifa is derived from the Moscow-based Communist International that in 1933 directed the Soviet-led Communist Party USA to form the American League Against War and Fascism. That group was patterned after Germany’s Antifascist Action — or Antifa — formed in 1932.

CPUSA leader Manning Johnson testified to Congress in 1953 that the goal of the front group was never the abolishment of fascism, but rather “the subversion and subsequent overthrow of the United States.”

The National Security Council’s Mr. O’Brien described Antifa foot soldiers as “militant radicals who come into our cities and cross state lines.”

“They’re organized and use Molotov cocktails and fireworks and gas to burn down our cities, especially businesses in minority neighborhoods. It’s got to be stopped,” he said.

Mr. Higgins, the former NSC staffer, sees Antifa as a significant tool of leftist and communist political warfare.

“Antifa’s goal is nothing less than fomenting revolution, civil war and silencing America’s anti-communists,” said Mr. Higgins, a former Pentagon irregular warfare expert. “Their labeling of Trump supporters and patriots as Nazis and racists is standard fare for left-wing communist groups.”

The ideology of Antifa is at its center Marxism-Leninism, he said.


June 3, 2020

Washington Times on June 2, 2020 published a commentary by Clifford D. May. He is founder and president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), an American thinktank. Excerpts below:

How different the current situation might have been had China’s rulers said early on: “A virus that came from a bat has gotten loose in Wuhan. We’re sorry. But you can count on us to be transparent and cooperative, to work with the international community to contain and eventually defeat this common enemy.”

Instead, China’s Communist mandarins concealed vital information and outright lied. Throughout January, they permitted people from Wuhan to fly around the world. Only at the end of the month was Wuhan locked down. By then, as The New York Times has reported, “outbreaks were already growing in over 30 cities across 26 countries, most seeded by travelers from Wuhan.”

China’s rulers went on to level absurd allegations. The most offensive: that American soldiers brought the virus to China. They insisted that Taiwan, which knew a thing or two about what was happening and how best to respond, be ignored by the World Health Organization, one of several U.N. entities they have subverted.

Over recent days, Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping has rubbed salt into other wounds, precipitating a border clash with India, escalating threats to Taiwan and taking additional measures to deprive the people of Hong Kong of rights his government signed a treaty to guarantee

Beijing’s actions may, however, have energized the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, a low-profile grouping convened by President Trump in 2017 in response to Beijing’s attempts to infringe freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. The other members of “the Quad” are India, Japan and Australia.

A thought: Might it be possible to expand the Quad into a serious common defense alliance? Could such an alliance be coordinated with the Trump administration’s new “Economic Prosperity Network,” whose purpose is to bring “trusted partners” together to accelerate a post-pandemic economic recovery?

America’s political parties resemble hostile tribes. And even within those tribes, the various clans — e.g. Trumpers vs. #NeverTrumpers — are barely on speaking terms.

Adding to this volatile cocktail are the riots and lootings that have been wreaking havoc in more than a dozen American cities, and tarnishing peaceful protests over the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black suspect, by a white Minneapolis police officer who has now been charged with third-degree murder.

That these fires are being fueled by Antifa and perhaps other violent extremist groups is certain. Meanwhile, on social media, Beijing’s propagandists have been gloating. “The oppressed people in US are begging for China to liberate them from the tyranny of their brutal police state,” read one of many tweets.

Did China’s Communists intend for alien organisms to destabilize an increasingly disunited United States? The evidence is inconclusive. I am confident, however, that they’re shedding no salty tears over the way things are going.